AlbumsQuality assurance is not optional !

Quality assurance is not optional !

Think Green Think UrbanPonics

All you need is a wall… Leave rest to us !

Experience the professionalism when UrbanPonics provides you turn key solutions like consultations, design options, careful selection and placement of plants, complete installation and maintenance. The benefits of vertical gardens are endless… Experience it with us !

“The best time to install a green wall was 20 years ago… The next best time is TODAY!”

Chinese Proverb

Vertical Gardens or Green Walls or Living Walls- these terms are now not new to us. To quickly brief, vertical garden is a method to grow garden vertically using some kind of support or structure. They can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors. This concept of vertical plantation is trending more because, there are now modern techniques and latest methods to use the vertical spaces with ease and support it with resources and technology to maintain it.

Also, not to forget about its unlimited benefits. Apart from growing plants on vertical surfaces which saves space, it also adds beauty to the particular site. It promotes a healthy and positive environment. It cleans air, protects from heat, absorbs sound, provides protection from fluctuations in temperature and moisture. Quick few pointers are- Aesthetics, Energy savings, Indoor air quality, Health and wellness, Property value, Acoustic, LEED credits, Sustainability, Building protection.

urban ponics green walls usp

Cutting edge Bluetooth timers.

Maximum density of big plants per sq.ft.

Unique round shaped modules at 55 degree angle.

Only green wall system which makes a drizzling waterfall sound while irrigating.

Plug and play type solution which gives flexibility of design change in couple of hours.

Only module in the market with “in-built” irrigation, eliminating the need for typical LLDPE drip lines.

One stop shop for all your vertical garden needs


Trust only professionals !

Greening the greys since ten years !

We offer living wall consultations. Just leave it to the experts and contact us today on to schedule a detailed consultation.

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