UrbanPONICS offers a built-in innovative Portable Living Green-Wall Screens, which will create a unique interior atmosphere as well as take care of the air quality in your office or home. Responding to the diverse needs of users, we offer a solution both hanging, as well as standing wall mounted suitable for use as room dividers. 

These are Double-sided plant wall on wheels with water tank and electric pump with timer. 100 plants can be planted PER SIDE. In-Total 200 Plants (Both Sides). Screens can also be manufactured ‘single-side’ upon request to be stacked up against the wall. 


Room divider, sound absorber, air cleaner, air humidifier with a high level of aesthetics and with a concentration of plants on a small spot. Portability and does not require static water connection. 
Size of the whole wall Height 1500 – Length 1100 mm – Width 280 mm 
Size of water tank Height 320 mm (including wheels) Length 1100 – Width 280 mm 
We recommend that a plant company takes care of the maintenance on a regular basis. The plant company needs to fill up the water, pour in nutrition, trim the plants and make on overall cleaning once in a while. We cooperate with many of the renowned firms and will assist you to obtain the best possible arrangement. 


  • Innovative Portable – On the Wheels kind of system.
  • Automatic irrigation with the control application
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Designer frame
  • Variety of sizes and color versions
  • Thepossibility of installing lighting 
  • Proven plant species
  • Ease and flexibility of arrangement
  • 230V socket is sufficient

Using of the automatic irrigation system allows for easy and quick care, meaning you do not have to worry about constant watering. The use of a unique controller with a control application will provide control over the water level in the tank and notify you about the need to top up the water. 

The installation of automatically controlled energy saving assimilation lighting will make modules work well in almost any place, even if it is poorly lit. A portable Living Green-wall screens takes up little space, and thanks to its minimalistic design, it can easily be integrated into interiors with different style 

Screens are made from the highest quality materials and is available in two versions: hanging, for wall mounting, as well as standing, for placing next to a wall, with the possibility to create partitions. Plants are planted in synthetic pockets, which minimize negative biological processes in the green surroundings, allowing for a large variety of selected species, which provide the possibility of diversifying the composition with seasonally flowering plants. 

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