GREEN WALLS of Live Plants

What’s this?

Green walls are living gardens of a vertical shape and form a very attractive decorative element, which significantly improves the interior air quality and positively affects the wellbeing of people who spend time in their surroundings. 

How does it work? 

We install green walls on to the surface of the wall or elevation, which saves you space, and thanks to its intelligent irrigation and lighting through care application, becomes quick and easy. 

Is it worth it? 

  • Innovative Patent-Pending Dualpore Module Systems Enables You To LIVE, EAT And GIFT Your GREENS. 
  • Automatic Irrigation 
  • Saves Space 
  • Produces Oxygen 
  • Cleanses and Moisturizes the Air 
  • Absorbs Dust and Dirt 
  • Quick and Easy Care 
  • Plant Society Throughout the Year 
  • An Exclusive Element for Any Interior 

Our USP: 

  • Cutting edge Bluetooth timers 
  • Maximun density of big plants per sq.ft. 
  • Unique round shaped modules at 55 degree angle 
  • Only Green Wall system which makes a drizzling waterfall sound while irrigating. 
  • Plug and play type solution which gives flexibility to change design in couple of hours 
  • Only module in market with “in-built” irrigation , eliminating the need of LLDPE drip lines. 


UrbanPONICS present an innovative patent-pending system (Holder + Cups/ GrowPlate) for creating unique vertical gardens, personal micro farms as well as large scale hydroponics GrowPods – consisting of a combination of excellent design and the latest available technology. The Dual-PORE module system will let you enjoy greenery all year round in your office, venue or private apartment. This allows you to LIVE with your Greens, EAT your Greens and GIFT your Greens – All using fundamentally a same system!

The Dual-PORE Module is based on plastic modules (food-grade) in which we have combined features that meet the needs of today’s green wall users: functionality, aesthetics, reliability, low failure rate as well as ease of care and maintenance. The modules can be combined with each other, creating vertical gardens to size or used as a ready solution. 

The modules are connected by an automatic irrigation system, managed by the user with an application of mobile devices, which additionally has the function of controlling the water level in the tank. 

How does it work? 

  • In-built Water Irrigation Tubes  
  • Water Reservoir in Each Module 
  • Dual-PORE Module intended for 2 plants 
  • Module made of Plastic (Food Grade Recycle or Virgin PP) 
  • Dimensions: 29 cm (L) x 16.5 cm (H) per Dual-PORE module.  
  • TWO number of Dual-PORE Modules (with 4 Big Plants ) will cover 1 Sq.Ft. of Space 

We created the UrbanPONICS Dual-PORE modules based on our many years of experience in the vertical gardens and hydroponics industry as well as on the needs of recipients. Every day we explore the theme of green walls, or create micro farms which poses new challenges for us. In practice, we want vertical gardens to be easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly.  


  • Cold Formed Steel / Aluminum Pipes Support System 
  • Patent-Pending Dual-PORE Module Holders 
  • Mounting holes 
  • (Optional) Tongue and Groove Cleat Anchorage – Rear-side 
  • Water Reservoir in each Holders 
  • Plant Cups (Green Walls)   / Grow-Plates (Micro Farms/ Hydroponic GrowPODs) 
  • In-Built Irrigation Tubes (No-NEED for ever clogging ‘ Drip Irrigation’) 
  • Ribs and holes to improve root ventilation and capillary suction of water from Holders. 

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